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Please contribute to the MFSOHIO Widow and Orphan Fund.
The proceeds in this fund from now until December 31, 2015 will be distributed to Br Shueyb Abukar's family. Click on the "Donate" tab above and then choose the Widow and Orphan Fund.

You may also mail a check to us!

May Allah, swt, accept and reward our efforts and may He protect and guide us all. Ameen



Muslim Family Services of Ohio strives to provide professionally trained staff and volunteers to build stronger families, insha'Allah (God willing), according to Islamic principles. Our goal is to focus our services on the following core groups: families in crisis; men and women who are widowed, displaced, homeless; and the disenfranchised and abused of our community.

Our direct services include:
Short-term financial assistance towards 
   basic needs (food, rent, utilities etc.)
Conflict resolution and mediation
Janazah (bereavement) services
Emergency financial assistance

Training and technical assistance


As well as support and referral:
Family counseling resources
Re-connecting Muslims to 
   their community
Helping Muslims to help themselves
Being a catalyst to social change
Assisting and empowering women



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Your donations are tax deductible
Our EIN number is: 31-1795601
We are a tax-exempt organization under IRS Ruling 501(c)(3) and registered with the State of Ohio

Muslim Family Services of Ohio is a not-for-profit corporation and is in no way affiliated with any other not-for-profit corporation operating in or outside of the state of Ohio, including, but not limited to, Muslim Family Services/ICNA Relief USA Programs.